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09-14-2012, 12:08 AM
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I don't think we'll see much action.

As far as UFAs are concerned, there isn't much incentive to get a deal done, especially for someone like Doan. A UFA won't somehow magically lose his UFA rights after the lockout. Any salary rollback would roughly equally affect contracts signed after the lockout due to the fact they'd be valued under the updated salary landscape. The only real change for a UFA would likely be term restrictions preventing career-long deals, which obviously doesn't apply to any of the remaining UFAs. If anything, Doan would want more time to sign a deal since he's waiting for the ownership to be in place.

For RFAs, particularly guys like Kane, Subban and Del Zotto who are expecting big raises, the teams are probably the ones holding back. Likely the teams want to give longer term deals to eat up some UFA years if possible but with the age of UFA eligibility possibly rising it no longer makes sense to overpay for longer term. Ex. If a team pays for 2 years of UFA under the current structure, they might end up overpaying for a contract that takes the player to the end of their last RFA year under the new CBA. Too much uncertainty to structure the deals properly IMO.

Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
I do too. There's a reason MTL fans would welcome him back, he's actually a pretty good two way player. He made a mistake in Nashville and suffered some strict consequences. Not just the suspension, but his reputation has been dragged through the mud by the media. If anything, I'd guess he's looking to rectify that. The KHL would have been the easy out, it doesn't appear as if he wants to take it.
I think most teams would probably take the elder Kostitsyn. Like you said, he's a good versatile two-way player and other than the one incident in Nashville he hasn't had anywhere near the same problems as his younger brother.

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