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09-14-2012, 12:33 AM
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@garret9 I too haven't been articulate in expressing my opinon.

Heres my problem. I,like the players, am for better revenue shareing system. It works real well for the NFL's tv money. It works real well for the NHL's merchandising buiness. why cant it work for all hockey related revenues.

The owners want to tinker with a model they guaranteed was gonna work last time, but it hasn't. Now remeber that guarentee cuz it's important.

So the owners force the players to a cap, as well as a substantive roll bac. A roll back on what were supposed to be Legaly binding contracts, a rollback i doubt a single owner would ever even consider suffering themselves if there was anyway a team of Armani suit wearing weasels for hire(lawyers) couldn't get them out of.

"Here" they said,"do us a solid, take a one time paycut, and agree to a salary cap and we can fix this league and make us all a bunch of money and give you all jobs."

So the players did it. They swallowed thier pride, tor up thier legally binding contracts, and signed new ones.

Don't tell me they were all greedy SOBs or that they all had thier backs against the wall cuz there were alot of players who just wanted to play and compete. Danial Alfreddsson for one did it willingly because he felt the 4.5 mil or whatever a year was enough for him. He felt that it was more important to blah blah blah.

So there has been nothing but good news since then. Right? Garry Braggs on tv about how much revenues are up, American viewers are going up, Record revenues, Sid the Kid, the whole shebang. Garry gets new contracts, soon he's better paid thn some of the league superstars are.


It doesnt work.

Because the Owners are doing all the things they are doing with the silly salries right now, and then suddenly it's "Here, do us a solid, take a one time paycut, and agree to a salary cap and we can fix this league and make us all a bunch of and give you all jobs." "Guarenteed!"

AGAIN? Seiously?!?!

the article said the data was estimated. What about the money the league has soaked into keeping the coyotees afloat? Howabout the fees and travel expenses and procedural crap? is that all in there? that has to come out of league revenue. if that money alones was divied up it could pay for three or four forth line players.

Sorry Bad mangment shouldn't lead to the players being told they hae to take a hit on what they have signed , again legally binding contracts, for

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