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09-14-2012, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I wouldn't say I have a side as either way we get ****ed from a lockout but I guess I understand the owners side more. The players make more percent of the leagues revenue than Football and Basketball players and yet they don't think that is to much? If 2 of the other 3 leagues players agree that something around 50% is the right number why can't hockey players? While it is true that the owners have allowed their gms to throw the cash around I believe they have done so out of fear that Toronto, Montreal, NY Rangers would throw more money if they didn't because they can bury players in the ahl. Yes the players cut a pay cut last time but that was to structure the nhl into a cap system since than we have seen a huge grow in the sport but we can't expect the sport to grow by 7.1% per year as it has the past couple as it is moronic to use the best case to predict the future if they used a far more conservative estimate it would make much more sense. I understand that the owners are rich and only what to get richer but why should they not make money?
I don't think you'll find many people who believe that players shouldn't take revenue cuts, even though I'd argue it's not free market value for their services, but will that solve the problems? Quick revenue earned from player concessions is band-aid on something needing surgery. Considering there was strong NHL growth during a global recession, the League (owners) doesn't have it's priorities straight when its pissing over 5% of the pie and begging for 10 year slaves to fix the problems of disparity.

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