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09-14-2012, 07:33 AM
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The players put up this public image that they are totally unified in their belief that the latest proposal by the NHL is ridiculously unfair. It'd be interesting to know, if there was a secret ballot today of all NHL players, what percentage would say "Let's take it.", knowing that it is unlikely to get better.

They have to know they're never going to make up what they lose. I heard or read somewhere that something like 240 active players going in to the last lockout and the resulting lost season never played another game in the NHL. Not sure I can believe that number, and please correct me if it is out to lunch, but if that number is even close to accurate, and I'm one of lower echelon / older guys in the league, I think I know what my vote would be

I'm not really cheering for either side, like most of us, after 15 years without NHL here and 1 fun year last season, I'm just ticked there's not going to be a normal season this year, if at all ... at this point, I'm good with whatever is best for the Jets long term

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