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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
Exactly. That's why, for example, Ukrainian hockey is where it currently is. Ok, situation in Donetsk is now rapidly changing, but why would your average (not hockey diehards) parents take their kids to hockey school in Kiev, I really don't know, because hockey simply isn't cool or fashionable.
With hockey going forward in so many countries, why is it uncool in Ukraine? I could understand if it was the cost of equipment. Is it because it's somehow connected psychologically to the communist era - "outdated granny-game"? Or maybe because as Ukrainians hockey feel to "Russian" and they want to choose a sport that defines more a new Ukrainian nationalism?!
In Denmark we have struggled for years (actually in the press that really first changed in the late 90's where Denmark started to win matches) against the general perception that hockey was a sport for undisciplined lower class hooligans (both with fighting among players and spectators). Has hockey that kind of bad reputation in Ukraine?

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