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Originally Posted by Leafer 21 View Post
My team is pretty much entirely home grown save for 3 or 4 players and that number will drop next season when I swap out a couple of aging vets for some youth.
I don't know how you guys do it. I couldn't do it years ago when my YS was good and I had lower standards. The YS has been a lot better lately. No studs, but certainly useful players if you love love love strength. I still coudn't field a whole team of youth pulls. I pretty much keep any decent (and some less than decent) as my train & sells because I'm too lazy to go on the market anymore. I've only had a handful reach 200AI before they're 25yo in the last 10-15 seasons.

Originally Posted by smetana View Post
Still not sure about the goalie. I've had a long-time policy of not publishing player attributes in these threads, but I'll break that policy to get your opinions. My netmider steamrolled II.1 this season (1.12 GAA, .937 save pct., 31 wins so far). His attributes are GOAL 131, SPEED 75, TOTAL AI 233, EXP 271. But, -12 potential, headed to -18. I'd think his xp total will keep him competitive for at least one more season, but what do you guys think?
I've had the top goalie in I.1 for two seasons running He dominated last season, but I didn't even notice it this season. He was in 4th or 5th most of the time. I benched him the last two games so Muuro could abuse my inexperienced backup (oops!). Everyone else must have sucked. Anyway. His stats:
130Goal 32Pass 108Spd 21SCo
29yo 301AI 191Exp

Get a new goalie asap. Exp obviously isn't as important as we thought.

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