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09-14-2012, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
So just because players love the game they should ignore the fact that it's now a 3.3 BILLION dollar business? Should they really be content to take whatever the owners offer despite being the only reason the league makes as much revenue as they do, because don't kid yourself, fans watch the game for the players more than anything. The players are the product that generates that $3.3B and without them, the leagues essentially the AHL with better marketing

There's naivety and then there's just plain foolishness and then there's this.

It may be a privilege to play in the NHL, but it's not like the 700 or so players there were just gifted spots. They actually had to work to earn them; spend a lifetime in training to achieve it. And for every player that does, hundreds fail.

For one, the players aren't the reason why the league isn't starting on time - they've said numerous times that they're more than willing to play through the season while a new CBA is negotiated. It's the owners that are locking the players out because the deal that they negotiated back in 2005, in which they got everything they wanted, is now, suddenly, no longer viable.

You also seem to be confused over what the CBA discussions are actually about. The players don't want a bigger cut of the pie, they just don't want their cut to get smaller.

The problem with the league at the moment, is that the rich teams make too much and the poorer ones can't keep up. The NHL's solution is too take money from the NHLPA and divide between ALL 30 teams. Essentially the rich get richer, while the poor get some relief.

But what happens when revenues continue to climb?

Rich teams remain unperturbed. The poor teams however, once again, can no longer keep up and now need another scale back. And once again, the players will have to give up more just so those teams can continue keep afloat.

It shouldn't take a brain to realize the NHL's offer does nothing to actually solve the problem!

The players at the very least, tackle this issue with their emphasis on greater revenue sharing.

Basic supply and demand. From a moral societal point of view, should simple entertainers be paid as much as they are? Most would say no. On the other hand, there's evidently enough people in the work who are willing to pay to see these people do what they do to generate billions of dollars. Keep in mind, there's only 700 people in the world who can make it to this stage, and given that the league is a business first and foremost, expecting them to just take whatever the owners offer is nonsense.
You can call me an idiot all you want, I'm fully aware of the arguments from both sides. I'm not going to even bother going down that path because it's been debated to the grave at this point. I'm not really on anyone's side, the only people that truly suffer are the fans.

50/50 That is the way HRR should work, no?! Two things are fundamental to the NHL, capital (the owners) and the product (the players). Should a 50/50 split not be the logical point to concede to? I think so, and I think regardless, that is where the numbers will land.

I expect greedy billionaires to squabble over chump change, not players who are supposed to love nothing more than to do what they love. They get compensated quite fairly to be the best at what they do. They should be willing to do a 50/50 split. This is why I place most of the blame on them, I simply do not expect anything more from the owners. All the other aspects of the CBA could be fleshed out easily past this sticking point.

It doesn't take brains to figure out where these negotations will land with regards to HRR.

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