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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Lots of moves seem like a good idea at the time. What matters are the results. That's what GMs and coaches are judged on. The rationalization that "everyone thought it was a good deal at the time" doesn't mean squat. What the fans thought of the deal when it was made is meaningless. Fans don't get paid to be right. GMs do.
Thank you for giving us this picture perfect illustration of the following point made in the OP:
Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
* This is Columbus we're talking about here. They finished last overall, y'know.

Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
The Carter deal, no matter how good it looked when it was made, turned out horribly bad. Howson failed because he obviously didn't speak to Carter before making the deal.
"Obviously"? While some of it should have been foreseen (or at least he should have gotten himself in a position to foresee it), we have no way of knowing what happened prior. For all we know, an interview took place and Carter lied. Or, alternatively, for all we know Howson never talked to Carter until flying out to New Jersey a few days after the trade. There's no confirmation, and one can speculate in whatever direction one wishes. This manner of speculation, however, is more accentuating the negative - the principal flaw in judging Howson's trade history.

(And that's not even considering that nobody could have foreseen the degree to which Carter dogged it here...)

Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Given the situation, the trade for JMFJ so far has been good. But the net result of the 2 deals is still bad.
From the OP:
Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
* Carter's record in Columbus was, as previously stated, g-dawful... and somehow that's held against this trade for reasons I cannot adequately explain beyond "people are stupid".
Again, another picture-perfect illustration. Thank you for taking the time!

Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Regardless, none of that really matters. What matters are wins and losses, and he has far less wins than losses.
That's not the point of the thread. Obviously the results are bad. The idea, though, is that folks are looking at the end result, and concluding that every single move was bad, and then going from that to concluding that Howson is among the worst GMs of all time and certainly by far the worst in the NHL. Which is, frankly, insane.

Heck, even if one accepted that "end result is the ONLY allowed measure of ability", then Tambellini's got him beat for that position by a country mile.

Personally, I think Howson is a semicompetent GM who was asked to be a superhero - because that's what we needed after the MacLean disaster. Not everybody can be a superhero, but that doesn't make them grossly incompetent.

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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Thanks, Howson, for cleaning up MacLean's toxic waste. Welcome, Kekalainen; let's get good things built!
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