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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
Gillis just mentioned this is one of the wealthiest teams in the league. Since the Aquilinis tried to buy a club for thier Mom, I kind of believe it. This is a double edged sword, of course, but the Pheonix guy can't come up with THE MONEY.

Here's why I think it sucks, Doan will be thirty-six in October, or thirty seven and eighteen months out of the league in the event of a lockout. He is a power forward! How many thirty five and older guys can play that game? Did Messier? Did Sundin?

Old washed up captains of some other team are not the way to build a cup winner, unless he is going to coach.

How is a slow old guy on the second line going to take pressure off the Sedin line, still all small and pacifist? Is he going to QB the PP? Does Kesler need somebody to lug the puck?

Gillis is the problem because he thinks this is a solution.
Within a capped system (where even wealthy teams cannot bury bad contracts of players signed passed age 35 in the minors) signing an old slow guy is crazy - agreed. But let's wait and see what Doan's contract with Vancouver (if he signs here) looks like before stating Gillis is the problem.

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