Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Stars sign Lehtonen to extension (5 years/29.5 M)
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09-14-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by txomisc View Post
Are you trying to say the owners of different teams should come to an agreement together not to sign anyone right now? I am not sure but I think that would be collusion.
How is that collusion?

Are you actually trying to suggest that the owners are all sitting at 30 different tables at collective bargaining and that each owner is trying to negotiate terms that are to their own, personal liking? (though that would explain the lack of progress)

No. There are two sides, the Employer (NHL owners) and the employees (NHLPA). The owners are a team that work together and so are the players. If the owners decide not to sign anyone until a new CBA is reached, that is 100% within their discretion. There would be nothing stopping them from deciding as a team not to.

As someone pointed out, they are just signing players to play hockey. Well if an Employer (the league) decides they don't need any employees (players), particularly because there isn't going to be any business done (hockey played) this year, why would they enter in to contracts to pay them?

Yet, here we are...

If a company is going bankrupt, they don't hire more employees. If the owners are truly broke as they claim, and can't afford players under the current system, shouldn't they wait until there is a "fair" system before making new commitments to pay players?

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