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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
You need to relax about Thuresson mate. He's a defensively responsible guy and a pretty complete player, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just barely scores 30 points. Matt Hendricks can make sick shootout dangles too, that doesn't make him a scorer. Pretty typical intangibles vs skill comparison where intangibles get overrated. You probably know that Calle has been slightly injured and ill the last few weeks aswell, so he'll take a week longer to get into game shape. Even age aside Jarnkrok is better than both Harju and Thuresson and that'll show over the course of the season.
I know, the penalty shot was just an example.

I hope Calle can emerge as one of the better, or even the best player in the legue this year though it's highly unlikey due to inconsistency on his part. I know he is capable of it. But that doesn't mean there arn't things to work on as well. But people and experts here in Sweden over rate him to the point where it's riddiculous. He had a decent regular season last year but was a - player. He was deffinately the weak defensive link on that line. And in a league where defensive play is geting more and more important Calles defense just doesn't cut it for me.

And yes, i value defensive play and intangibles very high.

I'm a big fan of his but i'm not, and never will be, the kind of person that is blind to imperfections of players that play for my own team. I've even said i think he has much more potential than Silfverberg but he has a much longer way before he reaches it. Calle is not even close to the maturity Silfverberg had going in to last season.

I know he's been plagued with illness this pre-season but he's still only played a few games less is not playing better than Thuresson at the moment and that's what counts. That doesn't mean his skill set insn't better but he has to show it!

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