Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Capitals Re-Sign John Carlson [6 Years/$3.967 AAV]
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09-14-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by DG View Post
Well the owners shouldn't be throwing money around. But that doesn't mean you can't criticize this agent for getting him a ****** deal compared to market value.

There's nothing hypocritical about saying that the owners shouldn't be spending right now but also simultaenously thinking a contract signed was bad value for the player/good value for the team.

Can someone explain how this is hypocritical? I am very comfortable saying both at the same time and do not see them as contradictions whatsoever.
The two statements aren't contradictory or even necissarily incorrect. However, it's amusing the inconsistencies between the two. Where are the people lauding Kari's agent in the other thread for getting a good deal for the player? Where are the people saying that a relatively well-off franchise in Washington can only afford to give Carlson a <$4M deal, so the league must really be hurting? My point was mostly that people only draw the conclusions that they want to draw based on any particular point of evidence, and ignore all the data points that don't support their viewpoint. Not surprising, nor is it unique to HFBoards. Just pointing out in the incongruity.

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