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09-14-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by crazycanuck View Post
I was bored so I came up with this crazy contract for Burrows
8 years $32M
Years 1-2 $5M Salary + $4M Signing Bonus
Years 3-4 $4M Salary
Years 5-6 $2M Salary
Years 7-8 $1M Salary

Is it legal? lol
That's just awful. There's no way I'd want to pay Burrows 4mil per season until he was 40 years old. Players like Burrows often lose their speed by 35 and become more 3rd/4th line character guys, do you want to pay 4mil for such a player? Players like Burrows do not get retirement contracts at the age of 32. I wouldn't go for more than a 4 year deal unless it drastically reduced the cap hit, and even then I'd only go 5 years.

Yr 1: 6.5mil (5.5mil as signing bonus)
Yr 2: 3.5mil
Yr 3: 3mil
Yr 4: 3mil

I think a deal like that would be good for both sides. Burrows gets a big pay day at the start of the contract, and makes 50% more than he currently does for the remaining 3 years. The contract expires when he's 36, if he can still play he'll likely get locked in to another 2 year contract. If he wanted to tack another year on at 1.5mil or so to reduce the cap hit down to 3.5mil then I'd be fine with that also.

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