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09-14-2012, 11:17 AM
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It looks like i'm basing Calle but i'm really not. But just for the sake of it i'll talk about the things he does well.

Firs of all, he's really worked on his skating. His latteral play and skating is much better than it was a couple of years ago. He has, as mentioned earlier goten stronger and doesn't appear as yeasy to knock of the puck this season. He is a very slippery player. When he comes across the blue line with speed the defensemen have a very hard time cathing him with the puck. His hockey sense is exeptional, maybee the best in the league at the moment, and it looks and seems he's often one step ahead of the play wich leads to passes that sometimes leaves you speechless. That leads me on to his passing that's also grade A. Really quick and more often than not right on the tape even from board to board.

Powerplay is really where he comes in to his stride though. I've described him earlier on Hf as "the puppet master" when he's really on his game. It looks like every one is playing on his terms and where he dictates the play at will and the others just have to tag along for the ride.

Though all this requires , as i mentioned earlier, that he's on his game wich needs to happen more often.

He's also a really smart and humble guy.

This doesn't mean he is above criticism. He's still a prospect and there are bound to be heaps of stuff he's not very good at.

I realize i should't come on here and critizise a wings prospect but the notion that he's the far away best player on the team is simpy not true. At lease not at the moment, because he's not playing like it.

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