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09-14-2012, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by BVicious View Post
Owners allowed these bloated salaries because they need results, and ticket sales, jersey sales, etc. if they don't pay the players outrageous contracts, others will. Then the revenue they make the team, they get the bigger % on top of their bloated salaries. Owners are forced to pay these contracts. It's a vicious circle really.

Last night Parise had the balls to slam the owners, Bettman and the NHL. A month after holding out and signing for 100 million. What a greedy *****. IMO.

Ok I won't compare to the average joe. But how bout the average player. The one who makes 500,000 a year. Now he makes none. While the millionaire players still have millions.

I don't and never will blame the business owners cuz that's what they are. They are businessmen. They became billionaires for good reason. Weather they are risk takers (all 30 team owners are) or they are marketing geniuses, they control the situation. They could lose money if the players don't win or the jersey's don't sell. Every player signed to a contract gets paid. Win or lose, healthy or not.

Take Boston who's insurance premiums for player contracts goes up to astronomical amounts because tey have to pay Savard, millions while he sits on his ass. It doesn't make the team any money.

In the end the system is flawed. The cap goes up (both ceiling and floor) because the league makes so much money.

I don't think Murray Edwards enjoys giving up his profits so a team like Nasville can pay Weber 100 million dollars.

The system is flawed, and the players could have started talks earlier. I'm glad the owners won't budge. It's time for them to take control of the league as they own it.

Of course I'm a guy who can't stand unions to begin with, and I've always supported an XFL type payment structure. You don't get paid unless u win, score, etc.

We all ***** about how players don't perform during their big contracts, but light it up on their last season.

There are so many issues and both sides exploited it. It's awful cuz we suffer. Not anyone else. Some owners would prefer to close the doors so they don't LOSE money.
Stopped reading right here, based on what your saying the owners could demand the players play for free and you would still be on their side. Do yourself a favor look into how some of the ownership groups earn their money, and some of the slave wages they have paid to people to rake in profits.

You think all these guys get to the top because they are "smart"? Wow do they ever have you fooled.

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