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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
Honestly, do you know how to read? Because you've demonstrated pretty clearly the answer is no.

You clearly have no idea how escrow works or is calculated. You clearly (and Russo as well here, but he's always been ridiculously oblivious on this point) have absolutely no idea how escrow has resulted in the past. If you lack the basic math skills to follow along, that's your fault and not the fault of anyone else here. With current spending, according to CapGeek, compared to league projected HRR, escrow rates will be lower with a 50/50 split in 2012-2013 than they were in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. No matter how many gallons of kool-aid you drink, you can't change that math. Either accept it or remove yourself from the conversation as the inability to come to grips with it clearly demonstrates you lack any ability to contribute in any positive manner, ever.
squids did you miss that part where players paying the lower escrow number ARE NOT GETTING THE MONEY BACK? more then Russo is saying that initially players won't get their escrow back at least not most of it, this is my point, you say i have numbers, but the accountants who did the math see that players won't be getting it back. it doesn't matter if they pay less then last year under the 50-50 deal, what matters is how much they stand to get back from escrow and right now for the first few years it won't be anything.

the NHL dropped the roll back idea in favor of escrow, but that money is going to go to teams not players while the cap adjusts and teams get to be able to stay under the cap. its not like HRR goes down to 50% and Minnesota Wild just operate above a hard cap with fairy dust.

Just if you read this one paragraph, i'm not saying your are clueless on how escrow works, i'll say right now you know more then i do, all i'm saying is because of needing to get cap to reflect the new share in HRR, there has to either be a rollback which won't be or escrow payments, and initially players won't be getting the same amount of money back as they did before if any. so even if your numbers show lower escrow rates, its not the same if the players are not getting that money back. i'd rather pay 10% escrow rate but get 7% back, then pay a 7% escrow rate and get 1% back.

again with NHL demanding a 8% reduction right away, that means old cap floor and ceiling no longer apply, teams need to comply with the cap.

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