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09-14-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
There were some good sized bass in the lake but I could not catch a single one.. Seaweed was too much. For awhile I was just using a hook with no weight to keep it from getting tangled.. Didn't work. Still got tangled
Did you use a bobber? Bass generally lay in the area where seaweed and vegetation are located. Cast it right before the lily pads and you should start getting hits. How about any lures? I used to fish with my father in Tullytown, the fish in those lakes are huge. My father caught the biggest largemouth bass I have ever seen in person. Caught it in the heaviest vegetation on the lake. He could shove his fist down his throat, and he doesn't have the smallest hands.. Son of a ***** probably weighed 6-7 pounds. Catch and release of course.

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