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Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe View Post
Some friends and I have decided to dive into the EPL this year, try to pick a favorite team, etc. The time difference makes it easy to catch games here in the US without interrupting our football and soccer is a sport Iíve always dug, just never put the time into. More area bars where I live (Columbus, Ohio) are showing and promoting the sport too. Love the league system and relegation and the various cups and tournaments. Always thought that was very cool.

I understand the basics of the game, but what I struggle with when I read articles or watch broadcasts is some of the slang and terminology.

Two that keep getting me tripped up are creative and attractive. Obviously I know what these mean outside of a soccer context, but Iím not sure I understand exactly what it is inside soccer. Iím assuming creative is exactly what I think -- i.e. the same way youíd say a hockey player is creative. Right?
Iím not sure I know what ďattractiveĒ football is though.

I think this is a related question, but Iím assuming (like hockey) that football has teams that are more aggressive and offensive and some that play a more conservative and defensive type of game.

What are some examples of teams in the EPL that play one way or the other? Iím still at a point where it all kinda looks the same to me (other than at the end of a match when one team is clearly pressing to get a goal and the other is hanging back and playing safe).

Have really enjoyed my early-stage fandom.
I've been watching the EPL for about a year now and can comment as a new fan as well!

So attractive football can be several different things to me. I've always played wing and defense in hockey, so I can really appreciate super defensive games or I can appreciate beautiful crosses into the box from a fast counter attack.

Barca, Real Madrid, Man City, and Man U all play an incredibly tactical, and possession style game. A lot of people seem to think that the players who play in these systems are overrated and don't show enough 'beauty' when they build up. You have to be able to appreciate all of the little things when watching teams like this. Xavi and Iniesta are absolutely the BEST duo in the world at holding the ball and making the game go at their pace. The skill's these players possess are second to none, and if you don't watch close enough you'll truly miss what makes them so special.

My personal favorite team to watch is Dortmund. The creativity that team has is astonishing. Everybody is involved, lots of great crosses, lots of fast play, and good, sound defense. Truly the definition of the beautiful game

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