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09-14-2012, 12:54 PM
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I wouldn't qualify it as creative but in simple terms my solution would look something like;

No roll back on salaries but teams can buy out 2 players currently under contract similar to the 2/3 over x years they have done in the past.

By year 3 the revenue would be required to be adjusted to a guaranteed 50/50 split between owners and players. This adjustment would be need to be achieved through expiring and new contracts.

The salary floor would be removed to help the struggling team with any salary short fall towards the players to be made up with an rationed share by all 30 teams based on the amount of salary each team spent. In other words the highest spending clubs would be on the hook for a bigger chunk than the lower spending clubs, but all clubs would be accountable for their own share so that no team gets a pass on the obligations but this in essence provides the revenue sharing that the players are looking for.

The rest of it like free agency and stuff is all fluff once the economics have been agreed to.

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