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05-04-2006, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
I don't know quite what it was with Rivet with Souray, maybe it was a bit less chemistry, positionning issues that you didn't see with #79 ? I'm on and off with Souray, as it seems that he doesn't make his partner better, but it's not like I think it's a huge drop off.
Souray's tough, and at times, that gives him some space, and that's good because he needs more space, he can be a touch deliberate. The problem is, so go and replace Souray with McKee, in my mind a better defender, but your offense drops off. Which problem do you want ? I keep thinking Zhitnik, but I don't know if he's R or L, and Isles fans haven't exactly sung his praises. I wouldn't be upset going into next year with the same D.

The problem is that every forward idea involves taking a chance on a guy with baggage. Is Lang gritty enough for what we need ? Enough left in the tank ?

Bertuzzi ? talk about baggage.

Do you look at a guy who hasn't made it yet who you think might breakout ? I don't know who, wasn't Wanvig in Minny supposed to develop more ? Maybe not him, but that principle.
I noticed the same thing with Rivet and Souray so I watched them closely. What I noticed was, Souray doesn't use his partner to open up the ice the way Markov and Rivet did. When Souray attempts the odd cross ice pass, it's weak or off the mark. He has tunnel vision which elliminates his partner entirerly from the play. Both Komo and Dandy struggled with him as well which makes me think he's the problem.
I don't think Markov was happy with Gainey breaking him and Rivet up either. He never played with the same heart after that.
I would keep Souray but only use him on the PP or when we were desperate for some muscle.......although he rarely uses that anymore.

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