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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
It's the same logic used earlier in the thread when Craven was defended as a solid playmaking winger. His assist totals are ugly among all players, but if you boil it down to only his contemporary LWs, he looks like a middle-of-the-road 1st liner here. I thought it was a point well made by BillyShoe. .......looking at his points among all players is like measuring Craven's effectiveness by his goal scoring among all players...........
This is nitpicking, but looking at his assists among all players (not points) would be like measuring Craven’s effectiveness by his goal scoring among all players.

Anyway, yeah, I think this is a good point by Billy, but I still don’t buy you applying it to Brown. For the following reason:

There is a clear and obvious trend that shows wingers have higher G:A ratios and lower assist totals in general. Therefore, playmaking wingers are somewhat rare, as anyone here will confirm. There is nothing rare about wingers who score goals, or PP goals in particular. Isolating wingers for the purposes of demonstrating strong playmaking from the wing is often necessary due to the inherent disadvantage – for the same reason we typically note that “so and so was 6th, 7th, 10th, 14th in points by defensemen” and not “19th, 28th, 48th, and 64th in points”. There is no such disadvantage for wingers in goal scoring, or PP goal scoring.

FWIW, Brown has scored 19 adjusted PPP/season in his career. Here are some other figures for post-expansion guys who are on the PP here:

Nilsson: 23 (based on just 170 NHL games though, would likely be higher if it included WHA adjustments)
Kehoe: 20
Juneau: 24
Bernier: 20 (based on just 302 NHL games, would likely be higher if it included WHA adjustments)

Craven: 13
Stoughton: 20

Interestingly, everyone is in the same range, and they are also in the same range for career PP usage (45-52%) – indicating that none of them are particularly more adept at scoring PP points. To Brown’s credit, he does stick with “the pack” in this regard. Craven is the exception, but with career PP usage of 36% that is to be expected. A simple addition of 50% usage and production suggests that at 49% usage he would produce at a 19-20 rate, putting him right there with Brown and the rest, and it’s just not how he was used.

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