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09-14-2012, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by LemieuxFTW View Post
I was having trouble with Goalie, not enough shots and usually the chances they get are high scoring chances and the power just blows it past my 50 ovr or whatever it starts out at.

EDIT: also, can someone fill me in on an easy way to get 200 hits? I adjusted the sliders and everything and the CPU just rolls off them and they dont register... or I hit them with my defensive d man 99 checking 96 strength and I AM THE ONE WHO FALLS?

Firstly in regards to your goalie - if you are playing offline, consider a few things: a) adjust the difficulty to superstar; b) adjust the sliders to give you/your team a chance. Superstar will ensure that you get the shots you need, and for whatever reason the game plays far more naturally in superstar mode (no silly snipes like in All-star). Adjust the sliders accordingly. If you feel like the other team is all over you, consider giving your team more acceleration and better fatigue recovery etc. Also consider adjusting the opposition's shot power/accuracy to give yourself a chance.

Second - On the hits. Make sure that again, the sliders are in your favor. In order to get around the ice and hit people, you will need to be a) quicker than them; adjust player acceleration and speed. You will need to be stronger than them b) adjust aggression). You will need to be c) hitting them hard; adjust hitting power. And of course you'll just need some good old fashioned assistance so d) adjust the hitting assistance to the very max.

Doing those will help you out.

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