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09-14-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by s1g View Post
Who pays for tickets to watch Chipman and Thompson eat popcorn in the press box? I don't. I pay to watch the players. Therefore, the players should be entitled to more of that money. Sure, owners assume all the risk by putting all their money into operating a team, but hey, you can't really get rich off owning a sports team anyhow. If these owners were such good businessmen, they'd put their money into safer ventures where profit is guaranteed.
I have to admit that I've spent time looking into the press box to see GM's etc (Burke being one of them) and I guess I don't buy my tickets to see him... but in a way, I did.

Just messing with ya though... I agree we buy tix to watch the players. We buy tickets to be entertained and to do so in a safe manner. Everyone at the arena who gets a cheque is doing something to provide that atmosphere. If the ice guy doesn't do his job, there is no ice. No ice, no hockey. There is a lot more to running a sports team than paying player salaries.

Oh, there is no safe venture where profit is guaranteed. Venture itself prohibits a guarantee.

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