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05-04-2006, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Leph28
Ron Fournier is doing a good job tonight of bashing him and whoever supports him.. wow.

You guys must be fraking proud of how you treat fellow country men. And how you treat guys who have shown nothing but respect for the team and who have wanted nothing more than to play in Montréal.

Yes, just ignore the Bulis', Zednik's, Sundstrom's and the other deadbeats who have shown NOTHING AT ALL in Montreal.. just bash on another Québec guy, because he's supposed to be god right?

Ron Fournier and some of you are truely pathetic.
Lots of players from Québec want to play for le Canadien. Trouble is, many of them, including Ribeiro, don't produce in the playoffs. Bob Gainey mustn't make an exception for Ribeiro based on his nativity. A number of other Canadians, Americans, and Europeans are superior to Ribeiro. If these players are willing to come to Montréal, by all means sign them regardless of their origin. Remember, le Canadien is not a provincial team. Le Nordique had lots of non-Québécois despite the fact that Québec is less cosmopolitan than Montréal.

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