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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
Did you miss the part of how escrow works? The rates that I demonstrated and proved from 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 are the clawback rate. That is to say, every figure I have provided is the amount of money the players did not receive back. Actual escrow payment rates have not been mentioned a single time by anyone other than you. Russo can claim that the players are "getting back their 8%" but that doesn't reflect the actual amount they paid in. If the players are receiving back 8%, it's because they paid far more in (if my estimates are accurate, about 16%). While I don't have hard figures for 2011-2012, if they had received back 8% in 2008-2009, they would have had to pay in 20%.
i didn't, according to the larry brooks article i posted earlier he said the players have never received less then 97.5% of their contact, which means that at most they lost to escrow is 3.5% once the duce has settled

i'm not saying your numbers are wrong, i'm saying what the players are saying and that is under the NHL rule their actual money is going to be less initially, PA is proposing a system when the HRR reduction is less sudden and thus the effect of escrow would be lessened on the players.

if you think of it from the player perspective, if over the last 7 years you have always received at least 97.5% of your contracted amount and you do the math and the last proposal and you see that next year you are not going to get close to that its a no deal.

Thats what Brooks was talking about when he said if NHL limits the clawback to no more then 5% we get traction, i'm not saying you are wrong on your escrow rate, what i;m saying is what the final amount of contract players receive initially will be lower under the NHL proposal dude to the sudden decrease in cap.

the way i see it is, if the players are due 57% this year of the pay, and they have to drop to 49% in one year, then the revenue gap of 8% is going to be given back to owners no? so initially escrow will go to the owners while the HRR and the CAP adjust.

again not saying you got the wrong % just saying what players are saying is that the real $ amount is what the players don't like about this system, they could pay out the 8 or so% escrow and not get a dime back, which would mean they are geting 92% of their contract value this year, or 5.5% lower then even in the worse of the last 7 years.

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