Thread: Confirmed with Link: Stars re-sign Lehtonen (5 years/$29.5M)
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09-14-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Alistar View Post
Much better goaltenders than Lehtonen have seen their careers just suddenly fall apart for no good reason. Goaltenders have a much wider range of performance from year to year than any other position, and it's hard for me to see Lehtonen performing well enough over that 5 year extension to earn those 30 million dollars. There are very few goaltenders in the league who have been consistently top 10 at their position from one year to the next. As you pointed out Dallas is a small payroll team, they can't afford to be paying players a premium or even what they are worth on the market. They need to be finding deals and getting value out of their contracts.
I'd agree with you that goaltending is highly variable, and that we very well might see a subpar season or two from Lehtonen during these 5 years. But if the team D improves we could very well see a season above his past one as well. And to some extent I don't disagree with your philosophy. The problem is there aren't good FA options out there to bridge the gap till Campbell. Guys like Bobvrosky and Lindback were already signed and they're still unknowns. You have teams like CLB, TOR, and TBL who were all looking to roll the dice on cheap options in net, us walking away from Lehtonen to do the same would have been madness.

Not to mention the fact that the whole reason we'd be doing it - Campbell's emergence - isn't an 100% guarantee. There's a very good chance Campbell will not ever be better than Lehtonen. There's a very good chance he may not even make the NHL. It's too risky to walk away from a proven talent that works with your team, in his prime, just to roll the dice on unproven guys for cheap. Especially when your guy in the pipeline isn't a sure fire thing.

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