Thread: A Selfish Gift?
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12-05-2003, 10:02 AM
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A Selfish Gift?

We’ve rehashed the bad. We’ve harangued about the ugly. We’ve even blackened good humor satirizing a dirty Harry. Not the “do you feel lucky, punk” steely-eyed vigilante Detective Callahan but just one frustrated Oilers’ fan wondering if our chosen hockey team will ever again “make his-my day?” Maybe it’s time then, to remember the good? Well now let’s see … Tommy is back? … MacT is reshuffling the lines again? … Practices have focused on the PK? … Ryan Smyth moves back to left wing … Comrie trade rumors continue? … Wait a minute, go back one! No I don’t care about Bryan Murray and what Dumb has to say about his client Dumber! I mean all those last two want for Christmas are two frontal lobes. Yes that part about Smytty returning to play left wing—that’s good!

Next up on the (hopefully we) hit list is … yes Pittsburgh—now that’s got to be the best team to play at home in order to break out of a slump! Plus the hometown hopefuls, if not completely healthy, should at least be rested. Certainly motivation won’t be a problem. But trying too hard could be! Confidence like scoring is always a touchy issue until Lady Luck rewards thoughtless good habits. Instantaneous reaction will finally preclude the stick squeezed too tightly. Suddenly the disc kisses twine, the rubber caresses silk, the net bulges … well you get the idea. Remembering, of course, passion needs patience and must include foreplay before anyone can score. But good healthy fun always did require some hard work and the right timing.

Having fun is good and worrying too much is a bad thing. Choosing to play hard is always so much better than just having to just work hard. And it’s more potent and resultant too boot. Come on Copper & Blue boys, what the big deal anyway? I mean what’s the downside—a little booing, maybe? It’s not like your families’ are going to go hungry over the holidays! True perspective can remove unnecessary stress and replace it with a thankful drive to enjoy the gifts you all are so fortunate to enjoy. Privileged and few are you, who can and do, realize your dreams with a presence upon the live ice. Such reward deserves a positive focus to become better whilst you enjoy the process. To do less is to leave that glorious gift unwrapped. Worry is but the restictive ribbon to be cut decisively.

So the Mario-less-Penguins hit E-Town this Saturday night, and that is a good thing. For the ‘Oil’ gang, entertaining a Spaghetti Western showdown, where the visiting posse is minus their most magnificent gunslinger is good. Still the Pittsburgh desperados will be spoiling to trample on someone else’s lowly confidence besides their own at the OK corral. If the fowl tuxedoes are taken too lightly, then things could stay bad and get even uglier. Therefore, given the nature of the mind game, shouldn’t the fun of the game make playing well matter? And that positive has got to be the best good thing to remember.

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