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Originally Posted by Vajakki View Post
Risky deal. As much as I love him, Burrows is a very poor natural skater and usually when these kind of players start declining their effectiveness go down fast. Burrows will be 35 when his last contract year begins and I'd say it's very much possible he won't be as effective of a player in the last 2 years than he is for the next 3 seasons. That being said he was a late bloomer so that could transition to other end of his career aswell (meaning he won't start declining as early), at least I'm hoping that happens.

The big question is what happens with the Sedins in two years. Right now Burrows is on contract for 3 more years than the Sedins are. Could be troublesome aswell, as I expect most fans think Burrows needs to score 30 goals now to be worth his contract and let's face it, he won't get close to that number without the Sedins.
I was trying to type a response to this thread, but after reading yours I don't need to. Excellent post. It's nice to read posts that make sense.

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