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09-14-2012, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I don't see why people are siding with EITHER side. Honestly, I know a lot of people get all upset about how much pro atheletes make, but they make what they can earn, same as every other employee in the Western world does...what the market decides they can make. And the owners are trying to keep their costs low since they are running a business, like every other business owner.

I just want a deal to be done that is fair, that will support the teams while making sure the players aren't being taken advantage of.

Most importantly, I want to watch some ******* NHL hockey!
$2.5m average salary helps me lean toward the owners - waaaay to the owners.

So if there's a rollback, avg salary goes DOWN to what, $2m or heaven forbid, 1.8??

And I'm not "upset about how much pro atheletes make," it's just that can't the NHLPA see the forest thru the trees here? The NHL is such a distant 4th sports league, their revenues are miniscule compared to NFL, MLB and NBA. Yet the NHLPA wants 57% when the RICH leagues pay their atletes quite a bit less...

I would gladly take the players side if I saw "some great salary and/or benefits injustice" occuring here, but I don't see it.

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