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09-14-2012, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron Jeremy View Post
The players should just form their own league, rent ice and broadcast the games themselves if they're so smart. Want a bigger piece of the pie? Be self-employed. Don't want that? Take what you're offered and play your game for someone else.
Ya really, if millionaires are unhappy and go on lockouts, why don't people making 40 000$ per year do it too?

I haven't read or heard a lot from this whole subject, but it's clear that some NHL franchises have a hard time to survive, something has to give

Why can't the players accept that they can't make as much as they would like... Is it better for them if the NHL would be dismantled so they'd make a lot less (except a few stars in the KHL)

Cut the pie in half and give us hockey damn greedy spoiled kids

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