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09-14-2012, 03:25 PM
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Been playing with that 74/75 DB for the past week or so and been having tons of fun. Tretiak is tearing up the AHL, obviously. I think my back-up to Bernie is Gary Kurt as he was put on the block by his team so I traded some minor league player for him and now he's putting up over 8.0 ratings with a .930+ SV%. Parent is doing well too, I managed to raise his stickhandling to 13. I'm going to see if I can trade my back-up for something decent next season then have Tretiak come in as back-up as Parent starts to decline.

Clarke is also improving his already great stats. I have a pretty stacked team but whatever, I'm not opposed to taking the best team in the league and then stacking it up higher. I signed Anders Kallur... at first he was scouted as "limited potential, 20 points max" now he's "projected first liner, 70 points" playing on my 2nd line He scored 2 goals in his debut game. It's all about the personal and line tactics!

If I were to create another file with this DB, I would start with one of the crappy teams and then sign a bunch of European players and try and build up a dynasty from scratch.

So what, as soon as NHL13 drops nobody wants to play/talk about EHM anymore? Haha, I've been playing both the last few days. I transferred my main file and my Flyers 74-75 file to my PC since my mom's taking my laptop while in the hospital in October but then after I got bored one evening while on the couch and I started up another 74-75 file. I started up with the North Stars and signed Tretiak, Kallur and Mike Zuke. These 3 are going to be my jewels of whom I work on. Haven't made any trades either so my roster looks to be not bad... I had 4 pre-season games and 3/4 were shut outs and the other was a 3-1 win so I'm thinking Tretiak is going to be good I'm interested in seeing how he does with no AHL experience...

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