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09-14-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
$2.5m average salary helps me lean toward the owners - waaaay to the owners.

So if there's a rollback, avg salary goes DOWN to what, $2m or heaven forbid, 1.8??

And I'm not "upset about how much pro atheletes make," it's just that can't the NHLPA see the forest thru the trees here? The NHL is such a distant 4th sports league, their revenues are miniscule compared to NFL, MLB and NBA. Yet the NHLPA wants 57% when the RICH leagues pay their atletes quite a bit less...

I would gladly take the players side if I saw "some great salary and/or benefits injustice" occuring here, but I don't see it.
Miniscule? NFL 11B, MLB 7B, NBA 3.8B, NHL 3.3B. MLB plays twice as many games (since they can), so in reality all 3 of the sports other than NFL are on pretty damn level footing (per game). Baseball also has VASTLY higher travel/scouting/player development costs.

But regardless, I think everybody knows the NHL's percentage is going to fall. The players themselves have offered to take it back to 52% already. Both sides are at fault, both sides have good ideas, but right now they are refusing to even look at each other's solution.

The massive revenue disparity needs to be addressed. A solution similiar to Baseball's revenue sharing is a great idea...provided it is coupled with the salary cap and floor to avoid teams doing like what KC and TB did in baseball (pocket the revenue sharing rather than try to spend and be competitive). There are elements of both sides that need to be addressed.

But the real main point of my post was why we, as fans, do we need to take sides? We should be looking at it objectively and trying to see the best for everybody, including us. Neither side knows everything, is entirely honest or necessarily even wants what is ultimately best. But both have part of the picture. Hopefully we can see that, and eventually they will as well.

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