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05-05-2006, 12:35 AM
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I really can't cheer for a team in the East other than the Habs. I would appreciate Ottawa and Buffalo, if they didn't make us look bad a couple of times this year. In the end, I'd say Ottawa should have the chance to choke in the big finals for once.

My main concern would be NJ sweeping Carolina though.

Out West, I choose Edmonton, as there's the only remaining team I like year in, year out.

I want Colorado to lose, as I never liked them. They just stole the Nordiques and enjoyed and ruined what was strongly built with so much pain in Québec. I always rooted for Detroit in their matchups.

San Jose and Anaheim don't mean much as teams to me. The Selanne love and the Thornton hate is what makes me want them to succeed or not...

So, in the end, it's :
- A strong Go Oilers Go until the end of the playoffs,
- A very strong Go Devils Go for this round only,
- A convinced Go Ducks Go for this round,
- A "could care less" Go Sens Go for the remaining rounds in the East. Or, do it for NyQuil.

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