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09-14-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
Agreed.. I think Canadians would still support their teams for the most part if there was a lockout.. It's the teams in the US where they're trying to build the game in lesser hockey markets that might suffer if there's another lockout..

Sadly the worst part if there's another lockout isn't about the owners or players.. It's to the bars, restaurants and other spinoff jobs that depend on the NHL to bring customers to their premises and the arena employee's that will be out of work. It's sad when people that depend on these jobs to live have to lose them because a bunch of greedy billionaires and millionaires can't work **** out. They are the forgotten people in all of this.
Please, whatever money fans don't spend on hockey they'll end up spending on something else.

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