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09-14-2012, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
But regardless, I think everybody knows the NHL's percentage is going to fall. The players themselves have offered to take it back to 52% already. Both sides are at fault, both sides have good ideas, but right now they are refusing to even look at each other's solution.
The players suggestion of "52%" is based on an average growth of 7.1%. Also, as far as I can tell they never offered anything based on percentages. They base their offer on actual dollar amounts. They take what they have now, add 2%, 4% and 6% in each of the 3 next years and consider that a concession. If there is no growth or even a decline in the league revenue, they still want that increase. It's a non-starter IMO.

I am sure if they were looking at actual offering "52% of Revenue" a deal could be struck pretty quickly. The two sides would be quite close.

But, you're right. Both sides are at fault. The NHL's initial proposal was too harsh. Their aim to go for something like a 50-50 split (which I think is what they were aiming at - like NFL and NBA) - but With the extended ELC, 10 years before UFA status etc. Reducing the players' rights ... it's too one-sided.

Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
But the real main point of my post was why we, as fans, do we need to take sides? We should be looking at it objectively and trying to see the best for everybody, including us. Neither side knows everything, is entirely honest or necessarily even wants what is ultimately best. But both have part of the picture. Hopefully we can see that, and eventually they will as well.
I agree. No point taking sides. I want the two sides to agree a mutually reasonable deal for the next 37 years or so. But both sides wants to grab as big a slice of the pie as possible. HOPEFULLY they will realize that noone wins if they kill another season - or even half a season - or a quarter season. There's nothing gained by entrenching and "showing unity and force". Who cares. Sit down. Work out a deal. Play hockey.

I still think the players are overplaying their hand. Hopefully their objective is "only" to squeeze out another percentage or two - not something even more dramatic, like the salary cap. Or standing firm on their own idea that the rich teams should subsidise the poor teams in order to allow the players to keep getting paid the big bucks.

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