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09-14-2012, 04:34 PM
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Please tell me whats wrong with my ideas

I posted over on the business board the following, but theres a lot of bickering going on and it garnered no responses:

I am wading into this conversation having been a close observer of the public negotiations, but an infrequent visitor to the commentary section of HF boards so do not kill me if I am covering well beaten horse but I just opened a spread sheet and did a bit of monkey math:

I've taken a conservative growth %, 4%, far below the 7% average since the lockout and applied it to this.

Whats to stop the two sides from agreeing to locking the cap out where it is, only ever increasing it once the owners share has naturally gone beyond 50% of Revenue (say they settle on a 51-49 split)?

The PA/League could agree that if the growth failed to meet expectations, then there would be a slight reduction of player salaries through escrow to meet % targets year over year.

My spreadsheet predicts by year two or three of a new cba, the owners would raking in the lions share of revenue with just over half the average growth since the lockout.

This has seemed to me to be the obvious deal from the get go. On principal, I agree 100% with the players that they should not be expected to fork over 10-25% of their salaries negotiated in good faith with the owners simply because they want to. That would invalidate the whole negotiation process, and if I was an agent, I'd whip that out every time someone asked for a home town discount. Its a bad road to go down (again)

If any kind of meaningful revenue sharing were to be brought in as part of this deal, it would be a huge victory where no teams or players lose out completely. I realize as I'm writing this that it might too closely mirror the PA's own ideas, and wont give the owners the "immediate" fix for broke teams like they desire, but a good deal should leave both sides with work to do and I think they meet nicely in the middle. I dont know.

Rip apart my ideas, go go go!

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