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09-14-2012, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I'm sorry, but it's ludicrous to rip a current player for scoring 13 power play goals and then praise an O6 player for scoring 1. I can buy adjustments to a point, but come on.
OK, look at it this way. Who are the best PP scorers at any given time? A fair way to look at it would be to use the PP scoring leaders, right? Once you get towards the bottom of that barrel, who would be the next best? I would suggest that the best remaining ES scorers, who simply weren’t played much on the PP, would likely have been the next best. Is there a more reasonable assumption to make?

I would assume the same thing about today’s NHL, when there are legitimately 180 PP spots for players to cash in on, if we ever got to the point that we drafted all the PP players from the era (which we never would)

But what you’re suggesting is to go down a pretty slippery slope; that is, that all the worthwhile PP players from before expansion are now drafted, and since the only players left with any substantial evidence of playing on the PP are modern, those are the only ones we should draft for the PP.

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