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Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
I think the majority of support is for the owners at this point.
It might have been for the players initially, but their refusal to negotiate has put them in a bad light.

I doubt Bettman loses his job over this.

He got the owners the cap they wanted last lockout, and he'll get them a better revenue share this time. Fans might not like him, but the owners -- the ones who pay him, and whom he works for -- are getting what they want from him.

I think the players need to step down, and start negotiating in the owners' framework instead of trying to create a new framework where they are guaranteed annual raises, regardless of revenue.
Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
I call BS. The NHL invited the players to negotiate last year, while they were playing. Players chose not to. This is their (players') war.

And they will lose the war. They need to start negotiating, so they can at least win a few of the battles.

"No sympathy."
I think this line of thinking is what the NHL is trying to convince people of, but I simply don't see how it's true.

The league started off negotiations with a slap in the face, lowball offer with the hopes that it would be the starting point for negotiations, which would give them the upper hand. The PA smartly refused to use that as a starting point, and created an alternative view where the players didn't have to shoulder most of the burden in helping the handful of struggling franchises the NHL insists need help.

The HRR cut last year was 57% for the players. The leagues first offer was 46%, UFA goes up from 7 seasons to 10, a max of five years on contracts, no more salary arbitration, and entry level deals are 5 years not 3.

I'm sorry, but that is not an offer of any kind.

Since then the league has finally made two more official offers that get closer to realistic deals. They're now offering a deal that takes the players cut from 49 down to 46 at the end of the deal. The players have offered a couple deals of their own, and basically breaks down to somewhere around 54% down to 52% at the end.

But it might be too late, because the NHL is posturing like they've come a long way, and are the only ones negotiating. They've come a short way from a fairy tail offer, and the PA has made two other offers themselves. The NHL has gone from asking the PA to give up almost everything, to give up a lot from where they are now.

That means the PA couldn't just come out with a reasonable offer to start off with. Bettman set the playing field with that first offer. If the PA started making reasonable offers they would have got eaten alive which is what Bettman hoped for. It's what he hoped for last time and held out long enough to get it. He's a little Napoleon bully, and even the players are saying they feel like they're getting bullied.

Now he's singing the same tune he did last time. If a deal isn't agreed upon by the deadline the NHL will pull it's offer. That's what they did last time, and it forced the process and all the posturing to start from scratch, and it lost the whole season. He's sinking the whole NHL ship with his bully tactics, and it's pretty sad.

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