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09-14-2012, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveMatthew View Post
It seems like the owners are banking on the "well the fans came back in droves last time so they'll do it again" line of thinking. Personally, I don't think it'll turn out that way.

After 04/05, you had two generational talents enter, and tear up, the league (Crosby & Ovechkin), and the NHL was able to focus all of their marketing efforts around them. Plus, you had all sorts of rule changes that opened the game up after the dead puck era.

If you look at it this year, none of that is on the horizon. Baseball didn't recover until the home run race with Sosa and McGwire, and that was what, 4 years after their strike?

Crosby/Ovechkin were hockey's Sosa and McGwire the first time... we may have to wait a while until that happens again.

I'd also say that there were more fans back then who felt that a lockout was a necessary evil, primarily to get small market teams like Ottawa, Edmonton, etc on a level playing field. I don't get that sense this time.
I strongly agree with this. Hopefully the fans don't just unanimously come back so it teaches them to avoid any future lockouts at all costs. Of course, any person posting here on hf-boards will almost definitely go back because we're all freaks for hockey. BUt this site only represents a very small percentage of all hockey fans, and hopefully the more casual ones will be pissed off enough to not watch for a bit.

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