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09-14-2012, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by The Shrike View Post
I still think the best system for the league as a whole financially would be one with revenue sharing funded by a luxury tax, but considering the NHLPA themselves have stated this is a no go, here's the best system I can think of, given the constraints.

01. CBA length = 6 years
02. Percentage of average HRR paid out in each year = 50%
03. Hard Cap = 60% (at $3.3 billion = $66 million)
04. Hard Floor = 40% (at $3.3 billion = $44 million)
05. Escrow used as before
06. Maximum contract length = 5 years
07. Entry level contracts = 5 years
08. RFA status eliminated
09. Players become UFA's at end of ELC
10. Maximum player salary = 20% of Hard Cap (at $66 million = $13.2 million)
11. Minimum player salary = 1% of Hard Cap (at $66 million = $660,000)
12. Initial signing bonus = maximum one third of entire value of contract
13. Remainder of contract must be a uniform amount each year
14. Teams can buy out two players each, with no penalty, upon ratification
Too pro-owner (in terms of the share of the pie)- if you were trying to be realistic..
i.e. i don't think you would need #6 if you have #13. equal annual contract amounts kills the incentive to these super contracts.

I like the the cap limits attached as percentages rather than the fixed +/- $8mil, as well as the min wage being 1%.

#7,8,9 are interesting tho.. Players would jump all over that if they could become UFA as early as 23. Realistically its only 2 yrs earlier than now... with more savings in yrs 4 and 5 in this proposal rather than how it is now....

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