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09-14-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Sorry but when the **** did making 100k a year become average as of 2010 the average income after tax of a individual was 32,100 how is 1 person making 100k average. The average is about 40-50k a year. That is a vast difference.


If we assume 40 is average than over 30 years they will earn 1.2 million if the hockey player makes 500k for 2 years than makes an average of 60k for 10-15 he is looking at a minimum of 1.6 million and has only worked 12 years to the average joe's 30 years.
I didn't mean it in a literal sense of "average" Joe and dollar for dollar equivalence. I just meant that some typical workers are comparable (in wages) to lower tier players. I mean a welder in Ft. Mac clears 100K easy, and it's not like a welder is this glorious job. A welder seems like an average Joe.

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