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09-14-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
While as much as I like Weiss and he's been loyal as anyone to the team, I dont know that we can just say it's doubtful he gets moved. If we struggle and are obviously not a playoff contender, I think Tallon thinks long and hard about moving Weiss if the return is good enough. I'd also hate to see him leave being that he will become the franchise's leading scorer and has played the most games in franchise history...he kinda deserves to retire as a Panther if thats his choice IMO.

And while I think we may have a good chance at re-signing him even as a free agent, I dont know if thats the best move for the organization long term. I mean we have Huberdeau, Bjugstad and possibly Shore in our pipeline at center for potential top 2 line centers. Thats not including guys like Grimaldi, Trocheck, and Knight who could play anything from 2nd or 3rd line spots at center. Plus we have an underrated guy in Goc who could hold down a 2nd line spot if guys arent ready in the short term. Would we be better off spending upwards of $5M on Weiss or maybe we get someone else at another position for cheaper and we get enough production out of them. Its probably a crapshoot either way I guess.
It's a possibility that Weiss is moved, but a slight one IMO. First of all, the return would have to be pretty sweet to consider it if I'm Tallon. A 2013 1st at the very least, with preferably a good prospect added on. Also, with your scenarios the Panthers actually take a step back for at least a season. Who's going to replace Weiss's production. Even if we take a step back in 2012-13, I think Tallon will be eagerly awaiting 13-14.

We'll be very lucky if Shore becomes as good as Weiss. Grimaldi likely won't be a center in the NHL, he's not even a center right now. Trocheck is far from a sure thing, and I really wouldn't count on Knight being more than a 4th line center on a Cup contending team. You don't move Weiss to make room for prospects. Would we be better off spending 5+M on Weiss? Yes. I don't see the logic in trying to get a different position player for less money and hoping he scores 60 pts. Besides, we are already crowded at wing, and will be even moreso if Huberdeau and Howden end up being wingers. Center is where we need help.

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