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09-14-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BVicious View Post
Got me fooled? Jesus, who do u work for and if you know nothing about running a business than you should stop *****ing about this. I can see where uneducated fans who just love hockey can be mad, but we're talking about a league generating billions of dollars and several teams going broke. How the hell is that smart. I never even hinted how I am so on the owners side that players should play for free. Don't twist my words.

If I owned a business and I paid you 20 an hour, it actually works out to about 27 given all the remittance I have to pay, etc. that varies from state to state, province to province, etc.

In fact nah, you need to read up on business, economics, tax metrics, etc to see that this system is broken. The players have handcuffed themselves. But I put MORE blame on player agents. Not just the players.

Crosby makes 90million in endorsements. Sure as hell would not if he was in the KHL, Ahl, etc. that is in fact a non-HRR chunk of money that goes un-noticed.

I still cannot grasp how people are not understanding that if you don't fix it, we won't have a league, and teams will fold. Not sell, fold. Because when u buy the teams assets, you buy their debts. Can u not understand that? These owners could walk away and u think the players are gonna listen then? You bet.

Why do you think every owner fails to acquire the coyotes? But every other sale goes ok? Dallas, Buffalo, St. Louis. These are established teams with owners with deep pockets. Cap management is, spend to the cap. The teams that don't can, but can also afford not to because come HRR they get bailed out. If we had a better CBA, the oilers and flames will have brand new arena's in a snap! But why pony the cash when u gotta forfeit over 50%of your profits.

A team like Nashville HAS to pay weber, or the weak attendance gets weaker. It's a no-brainer.
Ok calm down Kevin O Leary, it's complicated, but nobody is as dumb as you think they are.

First, Crosby could make 90 million in the KHL. It's not like there's some scientific characterization of the NHL and NHL only that produces endorsement revenue. If the north american audience was tuning into KHL games in large numbers, then Gatorade, Dempsters, Tim Hortons, and whoever wants to exploit this audience would choose an KHL star to be their poster boy. It's simply who people are watching. With that said, it's not impossible for people to be watching more KHL than NHL, it's just not happening.

Secondly, yes there is remittance to be factored. But there's also opportunity costs from the players. Before the supply and demand of labour was restricted by the terms of the cap, players were making free market value for there services. Therefore these players are now taking enormous losses in potential salary. So should that be factored in too?

As far as the Flames and Oilers having new arena's if players were getting a smaller slice of the pie, that's completely speculative. What if the owner's were greedy and still wanted the public to split the bill with claims of economic benefit? Has there been no greedy billionair before? Not even in, oh let's say, the banking sector? I'm pretty sure I remember CEO's on wallstreet getting bonuses even after the public had to bail them out....

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