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09-14-2012, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by DontgoZiggy View Post
I don't understand all the finer details, but I find it difficult not to side with the players. They have signed contracts for set amounts, agreed upon numbers. Now the owners are trying to reduce what is owed to them. How is that fair? If the owners were concerned about the direction their expenditure on salary cap was heading, why do they offer the contracts? Each individual owner doesn't have to spend up to the cap limit. If a player is too expensive to re-sign, trade him to another organisation that can afford them. Eventually the teams that can afford to spend up to the cap will run out of cap space and players hoping to screw every last dime out of their team will run out of teams to be traded to. They will have to sign at a more reasonable figure or play in another league
If the owners don't like losing money, sell the team to someone that doesn't mind pumping money into it.
At the risk of simplifying this too much, how are the owners going to make money if they let all their talent go because they don't want to pay their contract demands? It's pretty hard to field a competitive team without spending money first.

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