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Originally Posted by praisealfie11 View Post
what was carter doing?? seems like he was a HECK of a cancer!! really curious about that
We don't know precisely, beyond what could be seen on the ice. We have it on reasonably good authority that he did not want to be here - for reasons unknown, although one could presume that he simply never got over the shock of being traded - and we have also been led to believe that he made this very clear to everybody in the locker room, and that this had a chilling effect.

We've heard some stories (and even more supposition) of "you people all work for ME" attitudes and other such things that seem... rather incongruous as regards the Jeff Carter we thought we were getting. His play on the ice seems to reflect such attitudes, but that could be simple observational bias.

There have been accusations of malingering as regards the status of his ankle, but those may simply be the suggestions of the bitter. (Admittedly, that hasn't stopped me from repeating them now and again, which is... probably not entirely wise on my part.)

What is unquestionable, though, is that he gave little or no effort on the ice for the bulk of his time here. The only ways I can think to describe it are sadly rather unobjective, and I genuinely am pissed off at how he treated my team and my city so keep that in mind as I say this - but his on-ice play really did seem, to me, to be the ultimate conformation of that "you tools work for me" attitude. He didn't seem to care about protecting the puck, backchecking, or working it up the ice, it was all "get me the puck, because I'm Jeff ****ing Carter and watch this wrist shot, baby." That was the impression left behind. It doesn't match what I'd known of his personality from before he came here... but now I have difficulty thinking of him any other way.

I hate not having a more unbiased view, because I know he's been falsely accused of laziness for the same reasons Rick Nash gets that crap. But... it's like he abruptly decided that if he was going to be accused he might as well deserve it or something equally perverse. I can't fathom it... but I still unapologetically hate him for it, and for the consequences to my team.

Take that as you will.

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