Thread: OT: NHL vs. NHLPA
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09-14-2012, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
And the players are risking their necks....

Let me be clear, had the owners started to propose an offer in the same ballpark of reason that the player's put together, this wouldn't be an arguement. Both the players and the owners are fighting over money at the fan's expense when it's dissected into it's simplest form. However, it's in my opinion that the owner's aren't trying as hard as the players are to solve the problems of the game. Fighting over percentages in revenue is a big deal, but not a solution. I want something that's going to prevent us from having to experience this **** 6 years from now, and then again after that. No more work stoppages!!
I totally agree with you. This is spot on.

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