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09-15-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by candyman82 View Post
1. Not a Cavs fan, didn't bother me one bit.
2. Did you watch any of the games?
3. He did score two hat tricks. Nobody said he never showed up. It just was incredibly rare. Also, he broke his ankle in Los Angeles. As for the Anaheim game where he separated his shoulder, he didn't register a single hit that game. Not one.
4. How is that relevant? It isn't as if the team was 40 points out in October. Even before the season was lost, Carter rarely gave any effort. He sulked from the moment he arrived to the day he was traded. It is well known that Carter was a locker room cancer, and the team did better after he was gone. Did you notice that, after Carter was gone, the players would mention in interviews how much better the room is when you have people who play like they want to be there? Wisniewski, Boll, Dorsett, hell even Brassard made comments of that nature.
"it is well known that Carter was a locker room cancer"

okay so this is your rationalization. Carter is just one dude, it's nice that you can use him as an excuse as to why the Bluejackets were a major miss

Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
You have made it well known for a long time about your hate for JC. Im not going to lie and say i watched more CBJ games than you , but i watched 7 games of Jeff carter when he was a CBJ, and from my point of view it looked like a team that was in such disarray it was hard to pick out who was trying and who was just plain bad. IN one of the games I did not see Nash go into one defensive corner the whole game. IN fact that seemed to be a theme for CBJ last year, a huge disconnect between the skilled players and the blue collar players.

Personally if i was the GM i would have chalked up last season as a disaster but a disaster that does not need to be touched. Wiz and Carter had huge injuries all year. A full season of them , and if they had gotten lucky at the draft and gotten yakupov and this team could have a killer top 6 all of a sudden.


Now the team is void of talent on the roster and in the minors. While they have a potential stud goalie in bob and a defensive unit that can be considered very respectful the offense is going to be miserable.

Howson compounded all his mistakes by selling too short and too soon. For him to not come away with kreider, del zotto, or stepan is just pathetic. We are talking Rick Nash here for christ sake and he does not get a respectable package at all. Very disappointing for your team , and honestly the team you are fielding this next year will be even worst imo.
Yeah this is exactly what I am talking about. Carter as a cancer @ Columbus is the biggest hype job that some certain whiny bluejackets have pulled off.

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