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09-15-2012, 05:12 AM
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I've been chewing Guest's proposal and this seems just awesome... owners would never go for it.. namely the high revenue teams... but it would only take a single CBA cycle for it to become the norm...

Revenue sharing would be abolished, since the owners' escrow takes care of everything..

there would be no players' escrow..

Players my balk because of non-guaranteed salary amount beyond their very low base salaries... but they would be set either way since they would be gaining money each and every yr..

The league would establish an appropriate scale of compensation for all players based on how many gms they've played...

It's an extremely awesome plan on the surface... i await the more established/experienced posters to point out the cons to this system.... because i don't see anything.

i.e. does this kill owner incentive to make top notch revenue since there a real 50% cut of revenue no matter what?

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