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05-05-2006, 09:27 AM
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The more you think about it the more complex it is...

Team that are loaded down the midle are also team that have been succeeding very well. Needless to mention teams like Buffalo (Briere, Connely, Drury), Ottawa (Spezza, Smolinsky, Vermette, Fisher, Kelly, Arnasson), Philly(Forsberg, Richards, Carter, Handzus, Nedved), SJ(Thornton, Marleau), Detroit(Datsuk, Zetterberg, Lang), NJ(Gomez,Madden,....

Its easy to notice that there are the teams that finished quite at the top of the NHL in the regular seasons... Take the ones that have good goalies and you have the teams that went through the first round. I do not think any of these teams would let there top guys go... they will likely go after Free Agency, just like everyone suggest here.

I think the only solution is to develop our own guys... Its longer but do we really have a choice. Sure Arnott would be a good band-aid, quite a good one but at which price and would he be OK in pressure cooker MTL. Trading for Lang would cost us a lot but I am not sure the return would be just as good..?

Many have proposed trades with Ryder, I am sure he can get back in shape and while it looked like he had a mediocre year, he still managed 55pts with 30goals which is not too shaby for a guy that spent the first half of the year playing with Ribeiro. He is on of the only RH forward that we have and I think we have no choice but to keep him. Trading him is not an option IMO.

We all know Ribs is the weakest link, he is unfortunatly too slow for the new reality of this game. He is a valuable player but would be more valueable to a team that is rebuilding. Perhaps a team like Columbus could make good use of him..?

Unfortunatly there does not seem to be anybody available that would fit the bill for us next year (at center). Our only choice may then be to groom one or our own. We have two guys that would be worth looking at in Chipchura and Lapierre, you never know perhaps one of them could suprise us but he would need to be surrounded by quality and experienced wingers. We unfortunatly do not have that luxury of having to many quality wingers except for the ones we are trying to groom for the top two lines. Acquiring a either Langunbrunner or Lethinen would certainly help our third line. I would also think that we would need to do one other acquisition to boost our third line. There could be different possibilies there... In the UFA market guys like Jamal Mayers, Mike Leclerc could be of interest. Via a trade perrhaps we could sacrifice one of Perezhogin/Kostistsyn with our 1st pick to acquire mark Bell+.

Mark Bell would be my choice for a trade... I woud try Ribs, Kost and 2nd for Mark Bell. Sign Langunbrunner as stated above and ice the following lineup next year.

Perezhogin, Plekanek, Kovalev
Higgins, Koivu, Ryder
Bell, (Chipchura/Lapierre), Langunbrunner
Begin, Bonk, Murray <---- (Lapierre/Chipchura) replace Bonk the following year

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