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09-15-2012, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
Oh please. The fans are the only one suffering? Really?

Oh no! Instead of spending three hours watching a game they'll have to pick up the remote and change the channel to watch something else. Oh the horror! The horror!

Seriously though, the only people actually suffering in a lockout situation are janitors, the concession workers, the arena staff, etc. You know, the guys who aren't making millions and who either lose their jobs or are on reduced pay until the lockout's settled. Those are the only people who actually lose.

Hockey is a form of entertainment, a luxury like all sports. If being unable to watch a game for a while is considered suffering, well, that's kind of sad.

What does love have to do with anything? Honestly, by that same token, there are owners who love the sport so much, they should be content to make whatever they do, because you know, they love the sport so much.

Players are compensated according to what the markets dictate, nothing more, nothing less. And since they're the product, they're the ones putting their bodies on the line for our entertainment, I would much rather see them get more of my money, rather than the owners, who simply facilitate the process.

The players might very well not have a problem with a 50/50 split and that may very well be the final number when it's all said and done. But what the owners are doing at the moment is nothing short of bullying, plain and simple.

The players have the greater revenue split which they are quite content to keep. The owners however, aren't, and they want to the split to lower. See, the owners want something from the players. And when people want something from someone else, they usually offer something in return, i.e. a trade. So, to get it a lower split, they should offer a concession, i.e. greater revenue sharing between the rich teams and the poor, phasing in the drop in the cap, etc.

Instead, the owners not only demanded the players lower the share, they want to decrease the definition of HRR, which would lower the 'pie' as a whole, and then, they want the players to facilitate all of this by taking a immediate salary rollback, either permanently or a temporary one through escrow.

And in return, they offer nothing. 'Give us what we want or we'll lockout you out." Yes, the owners can play hardball to get what they want; they can afford to. But a healthy league means a healthy partnership and if one side would consistently feel that they are the only sacrificing to make things work, that's not a healthy relationship.

And keep in mind, none of what the owners have proposed actually fixes the real issues (rich teams making too much so that the poorer teams can't keep up); all of it will just come back in the next CBA negotiations. Essentially, ensuring that each CBA will be contentious and will see lockout after lockout after lockout. Those supporting the owners should actually see what they're proposing instead of just whining about the players making more money then them.
Weak argument. These are billion $$$$ businessmen, who likely, busted there ass to become billionaires. They take all the risk financially when taking on an NHL franchise. Players salaries have doubled since 04-05. Asking for more revenue back is just fine.

Like I said these are not men of substance IMO, the are greedy dollar machines. I expected more from the PA. I'll admit they have a very tough job and have worked very hard to get there. But guess what, I busted my ass to get to where I am in life and I don't even make 6 figures.

Go out and play hockey you heartless whiners. Do what you "supposedly" love and forget about the menial pocket change you will lose. Damn, I guess they can't afford that extra Ferrari now, what a shame.

Oh and your first comment was hilarious. This is a hockey forum, of course I'm saddened by a lockout. I'm not going to jump off the nearest bridge I can find, but I'm definitely pissed. Outside of the minimum wage staff at the facilities in which the NHL operates, I'd say the biggest losers in all this are the fans of hockey.

I think both sides suck balls and could care less about us as fans. I simply expected more give from players who have seen their average salary double since the last CBA. I mean do you think a kid like Seguin should really care if his yearly income is 5.75 or 5.25 million? C'mon man, are you still living in your parents basement? Because that is not a real world problem in western society. And not even close to being a worldly problem.

I have no sympathy for either side, and I'm actually appalled by the players.

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